Wattie's Launches Four-Product Flavoured Legume Range


Wattie’s is poised to make another leap with legumes, making them a popular option for preparing simple, great-tasting meals.

In a further step towards getting people on board to prepare and consume one of the oldest, nutritionally sound, inexpensive and convenient foods available, Wattie’s is launching a range of legumes in great-tasting tomato based sauces in four distinctive flavours.

The products are:

  • Indian style lentils
  • Moroccan style chickpeas
  • Italian style cannellini beans
  • Mexican style red kidney beans

These four with internationally inspired flavours are most likely to be served as the basis for nutritious, tasty and simple weekday meals, helping Kiwis eat more legumes for good health.

With the winning combination of legumes with tomatoes, Wattie’s nutritionist Julie North sees these being added to meat and other vegetables to create healthy and exciting weekday meals. Perfect for people who want good taste and good nutrition with a minimum of fuss*.

The launch of the new range comes hot- on-the-heels of the acclaimed legumes in spring water range which have been successful in taking the mystery out of legumes.

In the six months since Wattie’s launched its legumes in spring water range, sales of legumes in New Zealand has increased slightly over 13%* compared to a year earlier.  *Nielsen Scan Data to 29/12/13

Ms North says that although the market for canned legumes has grown significantly, many household cooks are still apprehensive and even intimidated about trying legumes which nutritionally are so awesome.

"The availability of the new flavoured range gives confidence for everyone to leap into legumes, with something appropriate to all cuisines."

"We are really proud of these products we’ve work hard to create a perfect mix of nutritious ingredients with great taste."

"We are promoting them through programmes like Food in a Minute, and there are simple meal ideas on each pack. The range of legumes has been paired with wholesome tasty tomatoes and distinctive international flavours."

Ms North says that in promoting of legumes, there was another example of a leading, local food company, Wattie’s, doing the right thing by consumers.

The benefits of increasing legume consumption are many:

  • Legumes are a convenient and inexpensive source of protein
  • They are an easy way to add extra fibre to a variety of meals; and
  • As they help you feel fuller for longer, they’re the ideal food for hungry teenagers.

Wattie’s flavoured legumes ‘Pick of the Crop’ are produced in Hastings with a high quality bean selection process, and each one providing a fantastic international flavour from a mix of herbs and spices on a tomato base.


*Recipe FIAM recipes

For further information contact:

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