Green Leaf

Heinz Wattie's recognises that food processing operations and related activities have the potential to impact the environment, both locally and further afield.  We’re constantly looking for new and better ways to minimize the impacts of our operations, using effective pollution prevention, efficient use of energy, sustainable agriculture, raw materials, water and packaging.

Complying with the law is our minimum standard. We set and monitor targets for continuous improvement in our operations through Environmental Management Systems that are audited annually.

Heinz Wattie’s is part of the HJ Heinz Group and our goal is to reduce our company's global greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2015. Ambitious, yes, but we aim to achieve it by a clear focus on eight key areas:

  • energy consumption – improving our operational practices
  • packaging – encouraging the use of alternative packaging materials and reducing the use of packaging overall
  • transportation – improving the efficiency of our distribution network
  • renewable energy – using more sustainable energy sources, including solar, biomass and biogas
  • agriculture – reducing our carbon footprint and water usage and improving yields through the use of seeds that require less water, fertiliser, pesticides and fuel to harvest
  • water – reducing usage through re-use and improved sanitation techniques
  • solid waste – reducing waste through increased recycling and re-use of waste
  • employees – we encourage our employees to become actively involved in reducing their own environmental impacts through a voluntary personal sustainability campaign.

For details of the Heinz Company's global environmental policy and principles, see our global Corporate Social Responsibility Report.


As a signatory to the New Zealand Packaging Covenant, we have set up our own action plan, results of which will be reported annually to the National Packaging Council.


Heinz Wattie’s is proud to be certified to the ISO 14001:2004 standard for Environmental Management Systems.

Our Heinz Wattie’s Environmental policy can be found here:

Wattie's Environmental Policy February 2015

Health & Safety

Heinz Wattie’s is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all of its employees, contractors and visitors.

While complying with all applicable health and safety legislation is considered a minimum standard, we also operate a continuous improvement safety process that encourages the participation of all employees. Action plans and projects are implemented to manage the risk of injuries occurring in the workplace and regular audits check if the systems are being implemented effectively.

Heinz Wattie’s is proud to be a member of the ACC Partnership Programme operating at the Tertiary level.

Our Heinz Wattie's Health and Safety Policy can be found here:

Wattie's Healthy and Safety Policy February 2015

For Further Information

For details of the Heinz Company's global environmental policy and principles, see our global Corporate Social Responsibility Report.