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At Heinz Wattie’s we have both watched and researched the general decline in cooking skills throughout the community. To change this, we have introduced a programme to schools that helps young people make healthier food choices and teaches them how to cook basic foods.

Project Cook is a school teaching resource designed to be used within the Technology curriculum for years 7 & 8. Based around 8 favourite recipes that teach a range of life-long cooking skills, it provides printed material as well as a 20-minute video showing the basics of each recipe. By teaching children about what’s in the food they eat, and how to prepare simple meals, it helps them to become healthy adults, and of course they have fun doing it!

Research carried out on behalf of Heinz Wattie’s in 2004 showed that from about age 9, children have an interest in cooking. This is also the age they have the ability to master basic cooking skills. The research also showed that parents support the idea of a school-based cooking resource for their children – and they wanted to be involved.

Project Cook was developed by Heinz Wattie’s in consultation with teachers, dietitians, food writers, parents, and children. The aim is to get kids into cooking in an interactive way that involves both classroom and home-based activities. The recipes use everyday ingredients and can be photocopied for children to take home and involve their parents in making with them. Since it was launched, Project Cook resources have gone out to over 1500 schools.

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Find Project Cook recipes  and further useful resources on our Wattie's website.