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Our Sales team has one mission: to develop and grow the business. To do that they get to know our customers’ businesses and marry what we do well with what our customers need. In short, they build relationships that go above and beyond the normal business-customer dynamic. The result? A better deal all round: for us, our customers and our consumers. 

Heinz Wattie's Sales

It’s not just down to our frontline salespeople though. We rely on great contributions from teams right across our sales functions. Areas like Category Development, Account Management, Customer Marketing and Sales Operations are every bit as critical. Put it all together and add the support of experts in our Export team, and you can see why our sales function is so important. They play a vital role in translating our business plan into actions that deliver outstanding results for us as a business.

Of course, their achievements are measured in profit, so making smart commercial decisions and planning ways to boost revenue are hugely important. However, the success of the team isn’t solely due to our commercial drive – although increasing our customer base is certainly a big part of it. What really makes the team successful are strong partnerships they forge and maintain. These relationships need to be built on expertise, on raising the bar on individual and team contributions, and, of course, on generating an environment for fresh ideas to flourish. We call it Game Changing Leadership.

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