Supplying the world with quality foods, all the way from New Zealand

So much goodness from such a small country. In some ways, it’s hard to believe that from New Zealand, we contribute to meeting the world’s demand for quality food products, and it’s all done with around 1,900 people, across three New Zealand sites. We work to maintain and further expand James Wattie’s dream: to make great New Zealand produce available to everyone both here in New Zealand and to many customers overseas.

Custodians of the Wattie’s brand

Wattie's What else!

Perhaps one of the most important roles we hold collectively is that of custodian for the heritage and reputation of the Wattie’s brand.

The Wattie's brand is considered a New Zealand icon to many, so we take the job of ‘guardian of the brand’ seriously. We don’t just look to the marketing department to do this—it’s the job of every Wattie’s employee, in every part of the company, in everything they do, to maintain the Wattie’s standards James Wattie himself set out. 

Our Hastings operations


This is where it all started.  In 1934, James Wattie established the first Wattie’s operation in Hastings. Here, we have two world class manufacturing facilities located in an area known around the world as one of the finest areas for producing fruit and vegetables.

The site known as, and located in King Street is the original home of Watties’ operations. And it all started on King Street. Today, more than 500 permanent employees and up to 800 seasonal workers, produce a range of canned fruit and vegetables, frozen vegetables, baked beans, spaghetti, soups, sauces and organic vegetables for distribution throughout New Zealand and the world.

Our Tomoana factory has several different production facilities and employs around 230 permanent employees and up to 140 seasonal workers producing pet foods, jams, food dressings, soups, sauces and burgers.  From this location, over 1200 product lines are also distributed via our Distribution Centre to our customers.

Our Christchurch operations


Our Christchurch factory is the only Wattie’s site on the South Island of New Zealand. Here, we’re dedicated to producing frozen, dehydrated and freeze-dried vegetable products, with 150 permanent employees and another 160 seasonal workers who join us between November and August.