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  • How do I know what’s in Heinz Wattie’s products?
  • Simply check the label on every product we make. On each label you’ll find all of the ingredients listed in descending order – with those present in the greatest amount (by ingoing weight) listed first, to the least.

  • How do I know how to prepare Wattie’s products?
  • Some Heinz Wattie’s products require preparation instructions and some do not. Those that do provide easy-to-follow preparation instructions on the label or package.If you have any questions about the preparation of a Heinz Wattie’s product, call 0800 653 050.

  • What does ‘HP’ stand for on the HP Sauce?
  • In the 1800s, the UK MP Chastity Brown asked the chefs at the Houses of Parliament to make up a sauce similar to one he’d tried in India – hence the HP stands for House of Parliament.

  • Can you freeze canned food once opened?
  • With the exceptions of baby foods, custards and desserts, you can freeze most of our canned foods for three months once opened. However, some foods do not maintain the same consistency once frozen and defrosted. Be sure to ‘de-can’ any food and place it in a plastic container before freezing.

  • Is the lacquer on the inside of Heinz Wattie’s cans harmful?
  • No, the gold coating found in the inside of cans is “epoxy phenolic” and the white coating is "epoxy anhydride", both of which are resin-based materials that have been approved by the FDA, the United States Food and Drug Administration, to have contact with food.

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